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Blogs & Opinions 04.04.2024

You’ve Got an Incident Response Plan, but Have You Tested It?

By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail, so get that incident response plan in place, says Chris Denbigh-White If two buildings are ablaze, then it stands to reason that the one with fire marshalls, evacuation plans, sprinkler systems and the one that has taken steps to improve its ability to contain a fire with […]

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Features 13.02.2024

Unpatched Patches: Three Critical Patches that Just Keep Bleeding

Unpatched issues can result in dire consequences, as the worst flaws of recent times show. Kate O’Flaherty considers the podium of recent unpatched flaws and questions why firms are so slow to patch Patching: You can’t live with it, but you definitely can’t live without it. And as many firms have discovered, failing to patch […]

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Interviews 23.01.2024

Getting to Know: Lisa Forte

There’s @LisaForteUK. And then there’s Lisa Forte. Most people only know the former, but Eleanor Dallaway met the ‘real Lisa Forte’ for a walls down heart-to-heart.

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