Raising the bar in cyber insurance.

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Cyber is a risk like no other and it requires the attention of a specialist. We provide exceptional planning, solid policies and security progression to protect businesses before, during and after a cyber incident.

Revolutionising cyber insurance.

Assured is the only insurance broker in the UK focussing solely on cyber. With many insurance lines to manage, the general insurance broker doesn’t have the time to manage a risk as complex as cyber. As the fastest evolving threat that technology-dependent businesses face, cyber insurance needs to be much more than a one-time box-ticking transaction that rarely delivers value. Assured turns ‘I think I’m covered’ into ‘I know I’m covered.’

What we do

More than just a transaction.

Our high-touch, consultancy-led service focuses on far more than the creation of the policy. Our clients benefit from our cyber knowledge and expertise from their very first interaction with us. Sitting at the heart of the cyber industry, we work with a number of high-profile partners. Together, we are perfectly placed to deliver real-time security feedback, incident planning and resilience enhancements, ensuring they’re ready to hit the ground running whenever the situation arises.

How we work

Specialists, not generalists.

Cyber risk must be kept separate from the generalist pot. To date, cyber insurance policies have been sold by generalist brokers lacking a singular focus on cyber risk, meaning that prices have been volatile, cover has been ambiguous and support in the event of a cyber incident has been inadequate. We exist to be better than those that came before us. We’re committed to ensuring no cyber stone goes unturned, and no details are excluded. An insurance policy will only comprehensively match and support an organisation’s cyber risk if a specialist has curated it. Hello, nice to meet you; we are that specialist.

More about Assured

You do the maths.


According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in something. With that amount of time invested, experts turn into outliers.


A general broker works 188 8-hour days a year, managing 5 lines of insurance, spending approximately 300 hours a year on cyber. It would take 33 years to be considered an expert.


At Assured, we only do cyber. We live and breathe it around the clock. We spend 6,570 hours a year on cyber. We were founded in 2021, meaning we are the outliers.

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We will not talk cyber or insurance until we have a good grasp of the business model. For a policy to be all-encompassing, we need answers that will not fit on a questionnaire submission form.

Whether you have existing cyber cover or not, contact our team for an expert opinion on the policies and options available. Call +44 (0)20 3854 4270, email us directly to hello@assured.co.uk or use our enquiry form below.

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