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Cybersecurity Jobs at Assured

Be part of our mission

We do what we love, and we love what we do. Clichéd? Perhaps. But authentic, nevertheless.

We believe in eating one’s own dog food, so to speak, so we internally emulate what we externally preach. We care deeply about cybersecurity, trust in the power of continued learning and empowerment through knowledge, and believe every organisation has the right to a cyber insurance security blanket if it takes appropriate measures to protect and defend itself.

Let us be candid: we expect a lot from our people, but in return, we give a hell of a lot back.

In it together,

We take pride in working together as a unit under the same roof. While we recognise it may not be very trendy or 2023, we are, unashamedly, an office-based business. Far from draconian intent, we simply trust in the power of human interaction and community, believing we deliver enhanced value to our clients when we’re in it together (‘it’ being both the office and our mission).

This is us.

We invite, no, insist, on our people being their authentic selves. Consistency in character, inside and outside work, defines our culture. There’s no legacy culture we need to reluctantly retain, instead we’re building a passionate, close-knit, and authentic team ethos and HQ to be proud of. We just want you to be, well, you.

Business that’s

We’re not just another insurance broker. In the same way that our company is more than just a company to us, and in the same way that our people are more than just staff, our clients’ businesses are so much more than just business to us. Every single client interaction is personal – that’s how we do business.

Got what it

We’re always looking for talented, passionate, hard-working people. Working here isn’t easy, but it isn’t complicated either. Rewards are big, and the opportunity is even bigger. We’re on a mission to revolutionise and raise the bar in cyber insurance. That mission will exhaust some but excite and inspire others. If you fit in the latter category, get in touch.

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Our values

In the arena

When faced with challenge, we never shy away, we lean in. We’re a stranger to the side line and a loyal inhabitant of the arena. We’re always in our clients’ corner, daring greatly and giving our all.

No Masks

Come to work as your authentic self, or don’t come at all. We insist on leaving masks at home. We’re as authentic and honest with our clients as we are in the office. This is us, and we’re proud of that.

It’s personal

For us, business is never just business, it’s always personal and it matters more than we can articulate. We put people above all else – our own people and our clients.  People are our magic.

We’re always looking for talented, passionate, hard-working individuals to join our team. Below are a selection of the typical positions that we recruit for.


Assured is the only insurance brokerage to focus 100% on cyber, meaning all our resource goes into making the cyber insurance process and experience more transparent and better than ever. We believe the status quo needs challenging, and we’ve been founded to do that. The broker’s role represents the engine of everything we do; we’re looking for someone who shares our passion. In return, we’ll offer continuous personal development and career progression with an experienced leadership team to lean on.

Portfolio Managers

Assured is looking for hungry and driven individuals to build their own book of business within ours. We will provide you with all the tools necessary to engage C-Suite decision makers and surround you with a supportive team to help you close them. Commission has no ceiling; it’s forecastable, transparent, and structured to ensure you are incentivised to look after your existing clients whilst also hunting for new opportunities.

Marketing Manager

We’re searching for a marketing manager to elevate our brand, amplify our editorial content and work with our founders to make meaningful changes in the cyber insurance space. The marketing manager will be given the autonomy, scope and budget to design and implement a marketing strategy that will boost the Assured brand and drive end-to-end campaigns. The role is fully immersive and hands-on, combining content marketing with brand marketing, lead generation and generalist marketing skills.