Our value goes above and beyond the right policy.

How we work

We’re a cyber insurance broker whereby the curation of a cyber insurance policy is only part of the value we provide.

Of course, we could wax lyrical about all the value we deliver in an indulgent ramble, but we prefer to keep it simple. Don’t mistake simple for simplistic, though. We extensively serve clients in three ways: policy, preparation and progression.

1: Policy

We live in the small print of a policy so that our clients don’t have to. We recognise that insurance policies are complex and that ambiguity and a lack of standardisation in cyber insurance have, to date, haunted the market. We exist to match clients with the right policy.

A lack of agreed wording in cyber insurance means that every underwriter has different provisions and exclusions, and the breadth of coverage ranges significantly between them. Moreover, as the threat landscape evolves (which it does at an alarming rate in cyber), underwriters consistently review and change their coverage, adding further complication to an already chaotic web of complexity.

How we curate a policy:


The first step in policy curation is understanding an organisation’s commercial risks from a cyber perspective.  The threat landscape evolves fast, and we’re dedicated to combining our cyber risk knowledge with our understanding of the client’s commercial risk to form an extensive business risk analysis.


Next, we do a thorough exploration of a business’ current coverage or risk position. This is the part that starts to get technical. To put it simply, we trawl through any existing policies with a fine tooth comb, to expose any holes in the cover. We have a complete understanding of every cyber policy on the market, so we can clearly articulate the pros and cons.


With the detailed analysis and technical picture gleaned from the first two steps, we are able to communicate a client’s cyber risk with underwriters. We build context around the client’s submission forms, ensuring that underwriter appetite is maximised. This allows us to marry our clients with the perfect policies that they know and understand inside out.

2: Preparation

There’s nothing more important to us than delivering value. Undoubtedly, a huge part of this is ensuring all our clients are fundamentally prepared for a cyber incident, and that the response is fast, thorough and definitive.

We introduce our clients to everyone they’ll have in their corner should the worst happen. Financial remuneration is only one aspect of cyber insurance. Equally important is the incident response, and we marry our clients with the best.

We ask (and resolve) the questions that need to be on our clients’ radar: What are the first three steps they take following a cyber incident? Who needs to be in the war room? Does everybody responsible know what their roles are? Have they performed dry runs for executing the policy, given the risk scenarios highlighted? How do they know when to execute the policy? When will the incident response team show up? Where is the number for their cyber insurance broker stored? On their network, they say? The breached network that has just been held to ransom? Oh…

3: Progression

When a policy is triggered, value is recognised. However, we deliver value throughout the entire policy period. How do we do that? For one, there’s our educational content designed to give executives cyber confidence and position them at the sharp end of cyber. Our content mission is led by one of the most experienced cybersecurity writers in the UK and puts the knowledge needs of execs at the heart of every piece produced.

Our clients instantly receive Assured family status, which means entry to a network of experienced CISOs and executives, with invitations to events, roundtables and attack simulations. Via our access to underwriters, we also offer vast technical capabilities allowing us to plug directly into our clients’ technical teams.

And when it comes to renewal, we never take that for granted. Our existing clients are given the same attentive and nurturing treatment we provide to new businesses. With the blueprints for their security posture, we begin the renewals process early, understanding that both their business and, therefore, cyber risk will have evolved, and their policy will likely need to also. We understand that rushing this process would be detrimental to our clients. This thorough review ensures we never drop the ball and coverage never just auto-renews.

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“We ensure all our clients are fundamentally prepared for a cyber incident and that their response is as autonomous as possible.”

— Henry Green, Founder

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