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‘;– Have I been Clwned? An Assured AI Voice Cloning Experiment

We used AI to clone the voices of myself and our CEO to launch a targeted phishing attack on an Assured team member!

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Latest Assured Intelligence

Grab The Mic: Cyber Stories – Ciaran Martin

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Latest Assured Intelligence

Insurers Are Taking a Hard Line on Ivanti: Should Customers Be Concerned?

The CEO of Coalition turned heads with his candid “We’ve long declined to organisations using vulnerable Ivanti appliances” comment last week.

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Interviews 23.01.2024

Getting to Know: Lisa Forte

There’s @LisaForteUK. And then there’s Lisa Forte. Most people only know the former, but Eleanor Dallaway met the ‘real Lisa Forte’ for a walls down heart-to-heart.

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Events 26.08.2023

Grab the Mic: Women in Cyber

Assured Intelligence is delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new women in cybersecurity event coming to London this September.

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