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Blogs & Opinions 13.06.2024

Plugging the Cybersecurity Skills Gap With Contractors

Cybersecurity leaders face immense pressure to strengthen their organisations’ defences. Yet the industry is struggling to fill positions. Luckily, CAPSLOCK’s Dr Andrea Cullen has a plan The UK’s cybersecurity sector is still struggling to fill positions. The government estimates that 51% of UK companies lack basic cyber skills. This shortage of cybersecurity professionals is putting […]

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Blogs & Opinions 04.04.2024

You’ve Got an Incident Response Plan, but Have You Tested It?

By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail, so get that incident response plan in place, says Chris Denbigh-White If two buildings are ablaze, then it stands to reason that the one with fire marshalls, evacuation plans, sprinkler systems and the one that has taken steps to improve its ability to contain a fire with […]

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Blogs & Opinions 19.03.2024

Getting Into the Psyche of a Ransomware Hacker in 2024

What’s changed in the ransomware landscape in 2024? Chris Rogers considers the psyche of those writing the code and looks at new tactics, tools and the prevalence of double-extortion ransomware The cybersecurity ecosystem moves at an extremely rapid pace. However, in the months ahead, it seems inevitable that organisations will be faced with even more […]

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Features 13.02.2024

Unpatched Patches: Three Critical Patches that Just Keep Bleeding

Unpatched issues can result in dire consequences, as the worst flaws of recent times show. Kate O’Flaherty considers the podium of recent unpatched flaws and questions why firms are so slow to patch Patching: You can’t live with it, but you definitely can’t live without it. And as many firms have discovered, failing to patch […]

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Features 25.01.2024

Ransomware in the UK: A Catastrophic Risk?

The House of Commons and House of Lords released a report on UK national security, warning that the UK is at risk of a catastrophic ransomware attack. Assured Intelligence breaks that down.

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Blogs & Opinions 28.12.2023

Why Convergence is Gold For Networking and Security

Dave Greenfield believes in the power of converged networking and security teams, and he’s put pen to paper to explain why The convergence of networking with security forms a pivotal foundation in protecting IT infrastructures against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. This union not only safeguards sensitive data and critical resources, but also bolsters […]

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Interviews 21.08.2023

Getting to know: Marten Mickos

The CEO of HackerOne delivers huge growth and controversial opinions. He loves hackers, but hates cybersecurity. Eleanor Dallaway got to know Marten, and so should you.

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Features 01.06.2023

Two to Tango: Are the Private and Public Sector Pulling Their Weight in the Fight Against Cyber Crime?

Celebrated instances of botnet takedowns and cyber crime indictments often rely on major cybersecurity vendors for intelligence and expertise. But can the government bring cyber criminals to justice without the backing of the private sector? Dan Raywood investigates Earlier this year, Assured Intelligence considered global law enforcement’s response efforts to ransomware. We questioned whether there […]

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